Lunch Program

New Family Lunch Information

Welcome to Assumption,

I hope you all had a great summer.  My name is Lynn Russ and I am the director of food services at Jordan Cafe.  Our cafeteria is staffed with five wonderful ladies who prepare and serve healthy lunches to our children and staff daily.

These options include:
  • Entrée and sides (menu is posted online every month)
  • Fresh made salads (garden, deluxe, chicken, pasta and tuna)
  • Fresh made sandwiches and/or wraps (Turkey or Ham)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Yogurt
  • Various snacks including baked and regular chips, crackers, cookies and pudding (only 1 sweet per day)

Mondays are always pizza day and Ice Cream (only 1 sweet purchased per day)

*If Monday is a holiday or no school it will fall on Tuesday*

Returning Family Lunch Information

  • Hello returning Assumption Catholic School parents!

    Welcome back!  Here, in Jordan Café we are excited about the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  Just a little note to remind everyone to replenish their student’s account before the first day of lunch which is August 13th.  This can easily be done through Please log into no sooner than July 1, 2017 5:00p.m.  While you are on the website please go through and make sure your credit card information is current,  if you placed any limits or restrictions they are still chosen and that you please set up the low balance alert so that when your child’s account is low you will receive an email.  This will allow your child to always be funded and able to participate in the lunch program.  It cannot be the responsibility of the lunch program to ensure your child has money in their account or a packed lunch. Please be aware of their balance and act accordingly. We encourage you to use to fund lunch accounts.  If you send in cash or checks, please place in an envelope with the child’s name and ID number on it and turn it into the front office in the morning.

    This year we would like to extend the invitation for parents to come have lunch with their child.  We will have “special” tables decorated for you, your child and up to two of their friends to spend time together.  If you are bringing food from a restaurant we ask that you please bring repackaged without the restaurant logo.  If you decide to purchase from our lunch program we can place your purchase on your child’s account (provided they are in a positive standing).  We look forward to visits with our parents.

    As a special note if your child has any food allergies please email me their allergies along with their name and grade. We post this information in my office as well as make sure our staff is aware and that they know what precautions to take. If they have an Epipen please label it with the child’s name, allergies and parent contact information also include the expiration date.  I have a place that I will keep in the event it is ever needed.  We strive to keep our children with food allergies safe, but to do so we need your assistance.

    If you would like to limit the amount of snacks or items your child can purchase or have any questions you may contact me by phone at 904-398-1774 ext. 251 or by email  We welcome you back and look forward to providing healthy lunch options to your child.

    Thank you,

    Christine Howard

    Director of Food Services

    904-398-1774 ext. 252


    “The Assumption Catholic Community, united in the Eucharist, provides a challenging academic education where living a Christ-centered life comes first.”
    Philosophy Statement
    Founded in Christ, the Assumption Early Childhood Learning Center creates a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children beginning at infancy.  The teachers and staff care for and value each child, as a gift from God, and entirely promote their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.  In partnership with families, children leave Assumption with the skills that provide them with a seamless transition into kindergarten.  Each child develops a sense of confidence, autonomy, self-discipline, respect, and love of God and neighbor.